Friday, March 21, 2008

Words of Support

Some people have written expressing regret that they cannot financially support Project Fiver. While we appreciate the sentiment, that is not what this is about.

Money is not necessary for this Project to succeed, and that was my intention from the start. People can feel for your causes, (Poverty, injustice, hunger, what have you) but nearly all will fall short of supporting monetarily. People have their own financial issues, and you never know if the organization that you pay is trustworthy. So I set out this project without a goal that required money to show success, just people's support. Granting this role in the film will cost the studio nothing more than any other extra's wage, and no money is required to sign the petition. No money in, no money out, which makes this Project run on 100% goodwill and requires only 30 seconds of free time on the internet, which nearly everyone has. So the net "Profit" we see from Project Fiver is the well-wishes and support from people, both known and unknown to her.

And with 2650 signature so far, these "Profits" are soaring! Thank all of you for your support, and for spreading the word.

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Cryoscout said...

Mel, you have been the model of motivation and dedication for me and your friends at AWA. You stuck it out with such class and rallied others to the call with your personality. Frankly I'm not surprised at all that there are 2700+ people so far that have shown their care and support, for you've certainly earned it!

Once I learn how to do it, I'm adding a link button for Project Fiver to my Myspace that others can use. Should be up by April 7th.

At your service and still owing you a beer,
Joe Lloyd