Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Walk to Defeat ALS - 2 Weeks to Go!

The Walk to Defeat ALS is on November 8th, Just two weeks away!

First up: A Status of FIVER'S TEAM. We have 48 people registered to walk with Melissa and I. Our team has raised over $7,000, which puts us in the to 10 teams! This is an incredible feat, so thank you to everyone who gave and elicited support from others.

If you have not yet, there is still time to join the walk or Sponsor Melissa! Just follow these handy links:

Second, some info for the Walkers:
Everyone who has registered, remember to register your significant others or kids that will be walking with you. The organizers need to get an accurate headcount, and this will save you the time of registering them on the morning of the event.

Saturday November 8th - Registration starts at 8:30 AM, Shoot for meeting up with the group at 9, Opening Ceremonies begin at 9:30 and the walk starts at 10. The walk takes about an hour and a half at a nice pace, and the route will bring us back to Centennial Olympic Park, so don't worry about hiking 2k back to your cars. We are looking into getting some promotional deals with nearby restaurants, but the location is full of lunch eateries. The only problem might be finding a place for the whole 50+ person team to sit down once we GET our lunch.

Melissa requests that you wear costumes if you have them, but if not, Christy, Kathleen B. and I whipped up some Team T-Shirts you can pick up for cheap at:
These shirts are offered at-cost, we're not making commission on them, we just want it to be easy for people to have them.

Centennial Olympic Park:

  • Driving Directions
  • Map of Downtown Area (PDF)
  • Parking is about $5-$8 daily, and there's lots of parking since it's right next to the World Congress Center.
    [UPDATE] - We just received an information packet in the mail with maps and more details about the walk, and everyone who is already registered should be getting one as well.

    Everyone remember that once you register, you get your own fund raising web page, so send that out to everyone on your friends lists. It shouldn't be hard to get a donation of a dollar or two from people, and once you multiply that by as many people as the group knows, that amount can become really significant!

    On a personal note: We are very excited to have the people from the different parts of our lives together at this event, where they can finally meet each other. Our local friends can't wait to see the costumes. We've shown our Priest some DragonCon videos, and he is very interested to know more about the people in them.

    So folks, let's show them how we roll!
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