Thursday, November 6, 2008

Walk To Defeat ALS: Walker's Details

Fiver's Team, the time is at hand! Saturday is the Walk, and here are the stats:

* 65 Walkers on the team
* $12,300.00 raised, Making us the #4 team in the state! Not bad for a first outing!

Walkers registered before last week should have received a packet with maps and other information. Most of it is located in this document here.

- Parking: Loads of lots will let you park daily for $8, our pal Olivia suggests the following lot, which is halfway between the Park and our lunch location:

Coming south on Peachtree St, pass Peachtree Ctr. After Woodruff Park (on left), turn right onto Marietta Street (it's Decatur St on the left here so don't let that confuse anyone). Go to Cone Street (Georgia Bar Association office is on left here); there is a parking garage on the near right corner that charges $5 for the "early bird" - getting in by 9 am will get you this rate. If you turn right onto Cone St and go to Walton Street, there is a little lot on the far left corner that charges $5 a day.

- Registration starts at 8:30 AM at the Southern Company Amphitheater. FIVER'S TEAM will be meeting by the Olympic Fountains at 9:00. Just look for the Pirates and Hobbits and Jedi. If there's another group coming dressed as Pirates, Hobbits and Jedi... then the world is just a little more awesome than I previously thought!

- There will be some musical acts performing at the Amphitheater until the Opening Ceremonies at 9:30. The walk starts at 10 AM

- Water, Pepsi, Powerade and snacks will be provided before, during and after the walk. Public Restrooms are located around the park

- Lunch after the walk : We are planning on invading the Landmark Diner on nearby Luckie Street, just off the track of the DragonCon Parade route, if you walked it. [60 Luckie Street, Atlanta, GA 30303] All are welcome to join us there or make your own arrangements. The Diner knows we're coming and will set aside the back room for us. The reservation is under "Fiver's Team"

- All Walk participants raising a minimum of $75 will receive a Walk to Defeat ALS T-Shirt on Walk Day. Every walker raising $200 or more may choose to receive a prize from one of the award levels. View the prizes at --

If anyone has a chance to make a Sign saying "Fiver's Team", or any other catchy phrase, like "Make ALS Walk The Plank!" (thanks Christy/Kathleen), then that would help out a lot. It's been very crazy this week with a sick child, a broken wheelchair and loss of Internet & Phone for a few days. Either way, posters or not, I'm sure that we'll stick out. :)

If you need any last-minute info or can't find us, I'll be dressed as Dr. Horrible in a crimson labcoat, so I should be easy to spot. I'm pretty tall, and I'll wave my arms or something. That should do the trick in a park that size...

We'll see you all at the Walk on Saturday! I know this will be a great time for everybody.