Friday, September 16, 2011

2011 ALS Walk

The 2011 Walk to Defeat ALS is at hand!

ALS Research had a major breakthrough this year, as Northwestern University scientists discovered a common disease process for all of the types of ALS. This is a big step forward, and has helped researchers narrow down future studies in search of an effective treatment for ALS, and someday, a Cure. Your support has helped fund ALS Research projects like this, as well as directly helping the thousands of families affected by ALS in Georgia.

Right now, the ALS Association of Georgia is helping Melissa by providing a computer she can use just by moving her eyes.

Flamingo Lounge - BigBangLots of you have supported Fiver's Team in the past, and those who have walked with us know how much fun it can be. And with the walk being in November before, you know how COLD that it can be, going out to walk that early in the morning. (Even Melissa had to wait in the car last year, until it warmed up a bit.) So this year, the Walk is moved back a weekend to Saturday, October 22nd.  Hopefully, this will make it easier for the ones who make it out to Centennial Olympic Park this year.

To kick off our Flamingo Thing this year, we hosted a "Sunday Flamingo Lounge" room party at DragonCon over Labor Day Weekend, and met up with many of our regular walkers. It was a great time for Mel to visit with everyone, as it's difficult for her to get out to see them all, and we signed a bunch of you up for the walk.

Here's how you can get involved:

(1) -- Join the Team, to raise funds and walk with us on October 22nd, or just as a "Virtual Walker" if you can't make it. You'll get your own fund-raising web page with a tidy little link (like") and all the materials you will need.With email, blogs and Facebook, it takes very little effort to reach hundreds of people with your message.

(2) -- Make a donation to Melissa's ALS Association Team. All donations make you eligible for one free kiss from Mel. :-)

Walk to Defeat ALS - Atlanta Walk 2011
*NEW LOCATION* International Plaza, World Congress Center
- Directions + Map
- Check-in starts at 8:30 AM, Walk starts at 10 AM.

Traditional Dress for the walk is COSTUMES! Mel and her friends are costuming addicts, and this is right around Halloween, so get some extra mileage out of yours and wear it to the walk.  Or if you prefer, you can come in an official Fiver's Flamingos T-Shirt, which can be purchased at the site below: (All items sold are at cost, zero profit)

That's all for now, Melissa and I will be sending out updates closer to the walk date.  So please consider supporting the ALS Association by donation or walking.

As always, it's a great time for a great cause.