Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Chucks this Weekend

The time is set. The shoes are coming in. And the results are incredible:
We have over 20 artists that have submitted shoes for the ALS Charity Auction, and they are seriously cool.  The flyer above only shows four of the highlights, but you really have to see the whole collection.

Heck, *I* have to see the whole collection, most of them are still in the DragonCon Charity Office!

We will be showing off a great Hobbit-themed pair by Joelle at the Friday EVENING IN BREE party.  You can preview all the shoes at the Charity Services booth in the Marriott, and join us in Hanover C/D/E at 2PM on Sunday for the auction.

I just cannot wait. This is so incredible that this project went so far and netted so much talent in under a month.  Imagine what we can do for next year!

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