Monday, October 1, 2012

Chucks + DragonCon Results

We have the official numbers!
Total Proceeds raised from "Chucks for Fiver" : $1,545!
Total funds raised by DragonCon 2012 for the ALS Association: $45,000!

This is such an incredible accomplishment, I can hardly contain myself! (You can tell because of all the exclamation points!!!) Many thanks go out to Bev and the slew of other great folks who helped convince DragonCon to make the ALS Ass
ociation their annual charity, and to all the Artists and shoe-donors for their time and talent.

The CHUCKS campaign had just one month, and it spread far and wide, and brought together an lot of incredibly talented people. I am making a note here: HUGE SUCCESS!
I am already in talks with the ALS Association and DragonCon about continuing the momentum with Chucks for Fiver and make it an ongoing feature. We will have another auction at next year's DragonCon, and some Online Auctions during the year, so stay tuned!