Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Chucks for Fiver 2013 - New Batch of Converse!

We have a great new batch of Converse up for Auction this year in CHUCKS FOR FIVER!
This group will be sold on Ebay, but all proceeds will still go 100% to the ALS Association of Georgia.

"Wild at Heart" Converse by Lucky Butterfly

Converse Low-Top Chuck Taylor Sneakers size 7 (Womens SZ 9). Hand painted by Lynda Wilson of Lucky Butterfly Art & Design. The art is based on her print "A Prayer for the Wild at Heart kept in Cages", featuring an orange & yellow background decorated with birds, cages, and the title. The entire shoe is painted and the effect is very bright and striking in design.

Doctor Who Converse by artist Joelle Saveliev

Artist Joelle Saveliev, who donated the incredible Hobbit and "Toothless" chucks that were so popular last year, has outdone herself. She has taken a pair of Maroon Converse and created a stylish Homage to Doctor Who. One side features a "Keep Calm and Call the Doctor" text over a swirly Gallifreyan background, and the other is the Dalek "Victory!" propaganda poster from the "Victory of the Daleks" episode. A copper pinstripe and Naugahyde laces complete the classic look. Bidding starts at $60.

Custom Painted Ren & Stimpy Converse by ArtGirl H

Charcoal Converse Hi-Top Chuck Taylor Sneakers size 10 (Womens SZ 12). Hand painted by Art Girl H with scenes from Ren & Stimpy ("Space Madness" and "Stimpy's Invention"/ "The Happy Helmet"). More of her work can be found at her website, http://www.ArtGirlH.com. CAN YOU RESIST PRESSING THE CANDY-LIKE "BUY" BUTTON?!?!?

Custom Painted OWLY Converse by comic book artist Andy Runton

Original art of "Owly and Friends" by Owly comic artist Andy Runton! Andy draws very cute comics and he's one of the nicest guys on the face of the earth, and he's painted all four sides of these Chucks with great night time scenes from his new book "Bright Lights and Starry Nights". All proceeds from this sale go to the ALS Association of Georgia. You can find more of Andy's work at http://www.andyrunton.com/owly/. Own one of these wearable works of art today! It's all for a good cause! http://www.ebay.com/usr/project_fiver